Presently the studio work:

Address: Jaunimo str. 68, Alytus (Beauty salon "Lina").
Tel.: +370 - 685 - 46892

Work Time:

Monday - Friday
12.00 - 15.00 / 16.00 - 19.00

Pre-registration is required


...My name is Saulius ( Saul ) the nick name is tatoocha! I’m tattoo artist from Lithuania. I began to do tattoo in January 1998, when my school friend suggested I try it as a business, as he knew about my hobby-drawing. Later I found a teacher for tattooing in Kaunas called “Tabu” tattoo studio. The teacher, is a famous master of tattooing called Arvydas Auskelis. From the first May 1998 , I opened my own shop “Yellow Tiger”. Why yellow? I’m not sure why, even now, other than, there is no such “Yellow” tiger.

The shop is now in it’s 20th year, I have done over 2000 tattoos and in that time I have been in France, Cyprus and Danmark to learnt new skills and work with different masters. I was awarded a Diploma for the best color tattoo at the international tattoo festival in Vilnius in year 2000. So much for me and tattoo!

Some of services I offer are:

  • 1,000’s of designs
  • Custom work
  • Cover up a restoration
  • Bright colors or black
  • Privacy
  • Professional
  • Full sterilization health hygiene